Artist’s residence at the Marchetti Refuge on the summit of Monte Stivo, Municipality of Arco, Province of Trento.


The residency project Da quassù… Artist’s residency on Monte Stivo, stems from the desire to host contemporary visual artists in an unconventional environment for a month-long experience in a refuge at 2012 m above sea level.

The title is inspired by the famous phrase of the Soviet cosmonaut Jurij Alekseevič Gagarin of 12 April 1961: “From up here the Earth is beautiful, without borders or boundaries”, to highlight how the broadening of perspective, thanks to a privileged view from above, can then be reflected in the mentality and attitudes of the individual and society.

The particular position of the hut, which overlooks Lake Garda from the north, allows a threefold view of the territories of Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino, as well as a broad perspective and a close and privileged relationship with the natural elements. The mountain in this case wants to turn into an educational experience to stimulate the discovery and research of those “essential” elements and deep values, eliminating as much as possible the superfluous and the accessory. Life in a refuge becomes a welcoming experience full of opportunities, from a close relationship with nature to living without shortcuts and artifices.

During a stay in a refuge, the sharing of space, the spirit of adaptation, the willingness to help each other and share are essential components. The experience is very similar to that of a family, i.e. of a group ready to help each other by structuring a supportive bond between its members. The relational and social component varies a lot compared to life in the city, where people are used to going out to have social relationships. In this case it is people who come to the shelter to find refreshment and a comfortable environment, a clear change from life in any urban centre.


The refuge was inaugurated on 7 October 1906 and named after Prospero Marchetti, founder and first president of the Società Alpina del Trentino (S.A.T.). With Italy’s entry into the war in 1915, all activities of the Society came to an end and in 1917 it was officially dissolved by the Austrian authorities for its alleged activities in favour of Italy. During the First World War, the hut was seriously damaged and in 1922 the management of the central S.A.T. decided to rebuild it and to entrust its management and custody to the mountain guide Angelo Conti from Bolognano, who thus became the first manager of the hut. However, the management activity was interrupted by the Second World War. In 1948, given the state of the refuge, the decision was made to sell it and not to incur any more expenses. However, the Arco section declared itself willing to take on the burden and honour of a gradual renovation. In 1949, it decided to open a subscription at the Cassa Rurale di Arco among “all those who are friends of the mountains”, in order to collect the necessary sum: the work lasted five years and on 25 July 1954 the section found its refuge. In the years that followed, it was maintained by the members until 25 June 1989, the year in which the refuge, completely renovated, was entrusted to various managers who would follow in time: Roberto Leonardi, Paolo Calzà and Matteo Calzà. In the same year, the “Italo Marchetti” lookout point was installed on the summit, dedicated to the great-grandson and honorary president of the Arco S.A.T. section, where bronze arrows still indicate the surrounding mountains. In 2014 the refuge was taken over by the head office, which took care of its renovation. After being closed for more than two years, the refuge was reopened on 27 December 2017 by the young Veronese Alberto Bighellini.

Monte Stivo is appreciated in every season for its environment, its magnificent views and the countless sports activities possible: skiing, snowshoeing, trekking, mountain biking, trail running, paragliding and more.


To offer artists a space to work, research and reflect in a mountain environment, encouraging awareness of a detached vision of the city’s reality.
To stimulate collaboration and those values of mutual support and help.
Activate relationships between artists in residence and on the territory, in order to develop new opportunities with the art system.
To think about a post-pandemic reality in which the values of inclusiveness, globality, mutual aid and support have become fundamental.
To develop research for a representation of the new reality that can respond to new social, health, political and environmental urgencies.
To trigger mechanisms for the alternative valorisation and promotion of the country and its culture.


The selection of artists is mainly based on portfolios and CVs, giving priority to those whose research is consistent with the points included in the call, in particular the last three.


The residency is open to all visual artists over 18 years old, without limits of gender or nationality and without distinction of language and technique.

The artists will be selected by the jury chosen by the association of social promotion In Habitat with the support of a curator of the MART and Alberto Bighellini, manager of the refuge.

The selected artists will be guaranteed board and lodging at the Marchetti refuge on Monte Stivo for the duration of July 2022. The production of the work will be paid for by the artists themselves.

The works created will remain on display for the entire summer inside the refuge or in the vicinity and then, if transport is possible, will be exhibited in the autumn in an exhibition curated by In Habitat at Habitat Ottantatre in Verona. For all those works that are site-specific, perishable or in the case of artistic actions (happenings and performances) the exhibition methods will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis according to the specifics.

The works remain the exclusive property of the artists who produced them.

The hut can only be reached on foot. For any transport of heavy material necessary for the stay and the realisation of one’s work, a request must be made directly on the registration form in the notes section. The organising secretariat is in any case always ready to support the artists in residence if they need support, materials and specific requirements.

Due to the difficulties in reaching the refuge, which does not guarantee accessibility to all the potentially interested public, the residency will be documented with photographs and videos that can be viewed on the relevant social channels and updated weekly.

Life in the refuge is marked by the weather and characterised by basic services that are not always efficient.


The visual proximity of the refuge to the MART headquarters and the artistic nature of the project have led to a collaboration between the museum and the In Habitat association.

During the residency the artists will have the opportunity to participate in a free guided tour of the museum and the selection jury will include a member of the MART curatorial staff.


To take part in the competition, please fill in the registration form below, in which the following materials must be uploaded:

Single PDF document containing portfolio including statement and CV of the artist / collective / artist couple and letter explaining the motivations behind the application.
Valid document (identity card or passport – front and back).
Copy of the payment receipt.
Optional – Project to be realised complete with description, materials used, dimensions.

All material must not exceed 50MB.

The registration fee is 15 € including the In Habitat association membership to be paid by bank transfer.

Bank: Banca Etica

Reason for payment: Monte Stivo Residence

IBAN: IT06J0501811700000017159807

Deadline for applications

Applications, complete with all the required material, must be sent no later than 21 May at 12 noon.


The information and data collected will be used in compliance with the new European Regulation GDPR n. 679/2016. Their use is permitted exclusively to the recipient of the message, for the purposes indicated in the message itself.

For any doubts, questions or to receive further information, please write to

INHABITAT – P.IVA 04578890230
via Mantovana 83/e. – 37137 Verona